· I was part of a 4 to 6 person team that designed and implemented a distributed-environment lifetime financial planning application. www.PlanWithVoyant.com

· I designed and built several components of the thick-client Swing product suite, including charts, wizards, reports, recommendations, financial model calculations, and simulations.

· I was responsible for all of the extensive chart rendering and interaction architecture. It had to be not only performant and feature attractive visuals, but also deal with multiple threads and ui component interactions.

· I implemented the look & feel of the rich client app, including interactive fading popup notifications, custom glossy-buttons, and semi-transparent floating panels showing details from the underlying data model.

· I built the portion of the Spring/Hibernate server-side account management code which allowed users to periodically update their investment balances and view their plan progress (called "Snapshot" - shown at bottom).

· Though we already had charts, and 2-pane charts, I added the "Dual-View" feature, deciding it might be nice to show two different 'data facades' at once (here, Incomes on top and Expenses on bottom).

· We had the efficient frontier data, but I decided to display the data on a chart and make it interactive, tying it to a risk slider, which also dynamically updated the investment allocation pie chart.

· Among our simulations, the life insurance sim iteratively calculated the client's financial plan, checking for shortfalls in each year, and ultimately determined how much (additional) coverage the family required through the length of the plan.

· Snapshot: